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This video seminar describes research to develop a low-cost, field-based test to detect several slow-clearing ACT drug compounds from unprocessed fingerstick blood samples, presented by Erin Coonahan, an NIH-Oxford DPhil scholar.


Watch this video about suppporting the fight against malaria drug resistance. "Malaria, until the turn of the century, was really a disaster," begins Professor Kevin Marsh from the University of Oxford, in this video produced in partnership with the by Exxon Mobil Foundation. The video describes the global threat of antimalarial drug resistance and the work WWARN is doing to combat it. 


Anders Björkman is Professor of Infectious Disease at the Karolinska Institute. Anders talks about how his collaboration with WWARN is based on sharing field data with the Network in order to develop broader studies to answer specific questions about factors affecting drug efficacy.


In the video below, Anders talks about how the efficacy of antimalarials is a major obstacle in the path towards full malaria elimination. He feels that WWARN is in a strong position to participate in this endeavour.

This article was published on the WWARN site. Please visit the site to learn more about their work.


Watch the video below to find out more about how WWARN, who have a site on the network, are collaborating to combat malaria.


In tihs video, Prof Ric Price, Head of the WWARN Clinical Module, gives a brief overview of the emergence and spread of drug resistant P. vivax malaria and why it is important for us to use a different strategy when trying to understand this malaria parasite.


Published on 10 Nov 2014

'Are males more sensitive than females?'

Professor Nicholas J White - Professor of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University & University of Oxford


Global Health Tropical Medicine Seminar, 29th October 2013:

'Immunity to Malaria in Humans'

Professor Kevin Marsh - Director of the Wellcome-KEMRI-Oxford Collaborative Research Programme


Marcus Rijken, of Utrecht University the Netherlands, presents a lecture in Oxford on Malaria in Pregnancy. 



14th May 2014

Malaria – responding to the challenge of antimalarial drug resistance

Professor Nicholas White, Chair: Worldwide Antimalarial Resistance Network (WWARN)


13th August 2014

'Reducing Deaths from Malaria'

Dr Richard J Maude, Postdoctoral Senior Clinical Research Fellow at Mahidol-Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit and Consultant Physician in Tropical Medicine and General Medicine